"When I want to party I party with Jesse James, one of the best deejays...you should too!"
Juan Conde
WRIR ABC 8 News Anchor

"Michael and I appreciated Jesse's attention to detail throughout our reception planning process. it was helpful to have a schedule to refer to for those participating in the reception. We really liked the resources he gave us for picking out music. His playlist for the reception went over very well with our guests, and his sound system, announcements, and lighting worked out wonderfully, We also appreciated that he went to the venue prior to the event to test out the sound and electrical set-up, this really showed his dedication to our wedding. We appreciate everything he did for us."
Michael and Cassandra

"Jesse did an amazing job deejaying our wedding. My husband and I are gamers and Jesse catered to that, playing orchestral versions of various character themes from different games. Our guests even got in on the fun to see who could name the game first. Jesse was also very professional with his method; he arrived early for set-up, had all his bases covered for announcements and song choices, and even provided a timeline to get the most out of the allotted time block. He also happens to be a very nice and responsible guy."
Josie & Kumo Holden

"You absolutely killed it at our wedding, we were blessed to have you."
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kauffmann

“Jesse created the perfect vibe for our event. Music sets a mood, and he set the right one. His time and talent helped make it possible for us to raise more than $10,000 to help serve our community.
Karen A. Legato. MPS, MSW
Fan Free Clinic Executive Director

"Jesse's passion, creativity, and guile are infectious and make for a great experience, on and off the dance floor."
Bass Camp Festival Founder & CEO Paul Reder
Former Caesars Entertainment Vice President

Jesse is one of the best event coordinators in the country. My concert had hit a snafu; a crucial piece of equipment was missing and I couldn't go on with out it. With his quick, resourceful thinking Jesse was not only able to find and purchase the gear I needed, but also had it hooked up and ready to go within half an hour. Officially, that was his first year as an event coordinator.
Vic Mignogna
Director, Actor, and Singer

"Jesse Felice is excellent at what he does, he booked our flights, airport transportation, hotel accommodations, coordinated autograph sessions, panels, workshops, provided security, and saw to my equipment needs, I could use someone like Jesse when I'm on tour."
Richard Epcar
Director, Actor, and Musician

"I can't thank you enough for an amazing weekend!  I had such a wonderful time, you're a great personal assistant, thanks again for all your hard work.
Actress Juliet Cesario

“Jesse’s performances opened a door to something ancient and sublime, may it never close.”
Actor Scott Simpson

“Jesse’s performances are not to be missed, he blew me away in D.C. and I can’t wait to see him rock out again.” 
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Disney XD Director, Actress, and Singer

"Jesse's a bright kid with good ideas; his unique ability to think outside the box led to several successful deals for Perfecto, including Mobile Beat Las Vegas, and Stealth Sonics in Singapore. His POP Funko pitch was particularly clever."
Paul Oakenfold
DJ, Producer, Owner Perfecto Records