Felice Entertainment Owners: Stephanie Felice, Jesse James Felice, and “Buddy” the dog.

Felice Entertainment Owners: Stephanie Felice, Jesse James Felice, and “Buddy” the dog.

Because you deserve the best wedding you can have!

From the moment the DJ arrives to the last cord being wrapped and packed, everything is factored in. We take the guesswork out of the equation by making it easy. Services we offer include DJ, MC, PA, event coordinator, violinist, photographer, lighting packages, bar services, and a fantastic Austin Powers impersonator.

We spend on average of 12 - 30 hours prior to the rehearsal preparing. We'll meet with you prior to your event to discuss your contract and wedding packet; including ceremony and reception preferences, playlists and do not play lists, bridal party ordering, pronunciation of names, special event music and staging, along with any special instructions you may have.

We'll collect and organize any music needed, and provide a detailed itinerary of the day's events; mom, dad, the photographer, and the catering staff gets a copy so everyone knows where and when they need to be.

We also offer the option of attending your rehearsal. We'll do a quick run down of the grand entrance ordering, name pronunciation, mic handling, toasts, and any special events.

We'll arrive to your venue 2-3 hours prior to your wedding for set up, and always with a change of clothes and cosmetic supplies; there's nothing worse than a sweaty dj.

Our gear is clean, sounds and looks great, and features multiple ways of running sound. And there are never any messy wires laying about. Last minute music requests are no problem; with thousands of songs in our library we're sure to be able to accommodate, We also offer back-up DJ’s in the event your DJ has an emergency.

Etiquette is everything, "at this time" is an unnecessary, antiquated, and highly overused phrase. We've had years of public speaking experience and know how to conduct ourselves professionally, and will never be chewing gum on the microphone. You don't get a do over on your wedding; we want to ensure it’s done right and with the highest care.

- Team Jesse